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For posters: 1. Thou shalt not curse, use foul/profane language, insult other players, or otherwise "Flame" Flaming is defined as: any inflammatory, vulgar, socially charged, words or phrases used for the sole purpose to incite anger and/or debase another's character- the only exception to the flaming rule is in character role play as long as it is not excessive and reaches the level of harassment..
    Out of character is defined when current politics, phrases, and/or terminology are used.i.e. Use of words like computer, internet, or America, Canada, Etc. will at no time be considered in character. Out of character flaming posts will be removed/edited for content. Foul/profane language will not be tolerated in or out of character.
3. Thou shalt not start introduction threads or requests for Trust Points. Introduction, Trust Point and Mentoring thread links are located in the Main directory for each Town.4a. Thou shalt not post items of a commercial nature on the forums or solicit for any commericial or charitable organization in any form.b. Thou shalt not spam the forums. Common but not entirely inclusive forms of spam include the following:posting several times in a row to the same thead, bumping a thread without an actual worded post relevant to the topic, posting the same message to several threads in various counties and towns, posting repeat messages that clearly belong in a designated forum such as the Family Announcements forum in the London Commons or in the GOAS Thread available in each County Inn, posting to increase your post count, and posting chain letters.5a. All Guild, Organization, Association, Society announcements will be placed into the [GOAS] threads located in each Inn. Duplicates found outside the Inn will be removed (moved).b. Grand Halls, Inns, Towns, Regent's Castle, CoH, URACE, Library, and the London Commons, are 'on-topic' zones. 'On-topic' means discussions, games, topics are to be game-related (related to town, county, etc.) specific. Off-topic threads will be moved to the appropriate area. In the instance of off-topic games, should one already exist in the Games forum, the moved thread will be locked and moved.e. Threads shall be marked accordingly:
  • RP - for roleplay purpose and the RP must not be exclusive but be open to all forum players who have reasonable purpose to include themselves (ex. a masquerade ball or a picnic in the woods).
  • IG - for threads that concern and involve matters of ingame play and consequences (ex. a call to arms for impending invasion or revolt).
  • OOC - for threads whose purpose is to conduct a discussion NOT in the RP character's guise (ex. threads to accompany major RPs to achieve and maintain continuity and the storyline)
6. Thou shalt not make private messages or paraphrased content of them public without the consent of the sender.7. Thou shalt not commit bigotry, a persons' real life race/ethnicity, sex, age, religion, sexual preference, nationality, or political affiliation; should have no bearing, should not be discussed, and should not be used in an attempt to ridicule them.8. At no time will a poster be allowed to reveal IPs of another poster.For moderators: 1. Censors are not to moderate judgement call actions outside of their jurisdiction.2.Things discussed inside the Censors forum are not to be revealed or discussed in other forums.3. Moderators are not to publicly criticize other Censors' moderating abilities.4. Censors must be objective.6. Deletion of a thread may only be done with the approval of the Admin and for administrative purposes only.7. The proper procedure to deal with off-topic material is to split a thread to create a new topic that is no longer tangential. The proper procedure to deal with offensive material is to edit the post to remove the offensive material. The proper procedure to deal with a thread that has turned into a flame war is to leave an explanation for moderator action, and then to lock the thread.8. Censors never argue with players about their decisions. Censors instead inform the Admin9. Censors will never reveal the result of an IP scan to another player.