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 level 3 guide

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PostSubject: level 3 guide   Tue Feb 20, 2007 12:29 pm

Quote :
The beginner level 3 guide

Written by Hypno as Rector of Somerset University.

1. Introduction
Hello dear reader, if you are reading this, it is because you want to become a level 3 or you are already a level 3 who wishes to learn more about how level 3 works. I haven the liberty of compiling all the information from bith the university of England and the university of France in an attemptto make a simple and unique guide to help you along the way.

2. How to become level 3?

The first thing you should know, is that it is not easy to become level 3, it takes a lot of time and many months of gametime to collect the money and the clothes needed to level. There are two ways to become level 3 and I will outline those for you here:

A. Option 1 : the first way to achieve your goal is to have owned ONE shop without ever changing professions and you have to collect 2500 pounds (you will not need more if you use this option), you also need to be full clothed except mantel and houpellande and must have 100 reputation points also dependant upon the way you intend to choose as your own you will need a certain amount of stats:For state and army way, you need : 120 charisma, 60 strength and 60 intelligence. For church and science way you will need: 120 intelligence, 60 strength and 60 charisma. Upon meeting with with the count secretary he will take from you 1000 pounds to allow you to level and you will retain the remaining amount. Trust me you shall need all of it to pursue your studies.

B Option 2: You will need to meet all the same requirements except the monetary amount,IF you have preciously changed your level 2 profession (ie destroyed your first shop and created a new shop) in that case you need to collect 1600 pounds + the money you had left after levelling up from 1 to 2 and again the Count will take the 1000 pounds and you shall keep whatever the difference of the remainder is.
So Yes while destroying shop is the way to level faster you if when you level up from 1 to 2 you not have a great deal of money on hand, but the cost is higher in the end since both cost you 1000 pounds and option 2 two adds 500 to building a new shop to level.

3. Your Choices upon Levelling up!

The Chosen paths given at level 3 are permanent for now, there is no option to change it later, however the plan is that eventually a new level - 5 will be introduced later in the game at which point we will have the option of change. Keep in mind the introduction of level 5 is not in the forseeable future so do not count on that option and choose wisely now.

What are your choices when speaking with the Count Secretary you ask?

There are two choices. The state and army way or the second choice is the church and science way.

I am sure some of you are thinking, Hey wait a minute! there are FOUR ways!

Actually No there are only two ways: army and science way are minor ways included in the state and church ways.

So after you make that choice, you are levelled but you have another question posed to you the next day:That is when you choose the profession you would like in the way of your choice.

You again have options there: first you can choose later if you want and keep study and been level 3.


The choices for state and army way are:

For State:

Serve the state (you will produce state points for Town hall)
you will receive the following skills:

Master of Latin: 10%
Mastery of ancient Greek: 0%
Mastery of English Language: 20%

Basics of History: 20 %
Study of government institutions: 20 %
Principles of law: 0%
Techniques of communication: 0%
Mechanisms of collection of the tax: 0%
Trades: 0 %

and for Army:

Serve the army (you will produce army state point for the armies)
you will receive the following skills:

Master of Latin: 10%
Master of ancien Greek: 0%
Master of English Language: 20%

Basic knowledge of the military : 20%

The two choices for church and science way are:

For Science:

The profession in science (medecine), this way will be useful only when the sickness will be code in the game.

you will receive the following skills:

Master of Latin: 10%
Master of ancient Greek: 4%
Master of English Language: 10%

Basics of Biology: 20%
Elements of anatomy: 20%
Basics of Medicine: 0%
Diagnose bronchitis: 0%
Diagnose flu: 0%
Diagnose dysentery: 0%

For Church:

The second is the church

you will receive the following skills:

The languages vary at the beginning but here is the French forum said in relation to them:

Master of Latin: 27%
Master of ancient Greek: 15%
Master of English Language: 10%

And you get two virtues at 20% from the following seven (it’s random on level up)

The Good
Pleasure and Delight
A seventh thing. Maybe the seventh sky. Or better: the seventh son of the seventh son

as well as two ontology skills at 50% at the beginning (not sure can a church way confirm?)

4.How to study?

Ok now that you have been gifted your skills you need to increase them. There are several ways to study to do so.

The first way is to study by yourself. Studying alone, gives less progression in percentages but if your county does not have a teacher in your skills area then sometimes you have no choice. To study alone you go in the IG University you click on “You can work here”

There you will find three choices:

· Improve one of your skills ?
· Work in one of your skill fields ?
· Look for new ideas ?

The first one is to study to increase one skill you already posess. Iff you are an Ingame Lord or Lady (ie you paid for the priviledge via the ingame token system) then you double the increase as compared to someone that is not ingame nobility.

Here what you can gain:

With Lordship your gain will be between 2 to 6%
Without Lordship your gain will be 1 to 3%

The second choice is to find new skills in a domain in which you already have skills. Using myself as an Example: I am an army way, so I can try to find a new skill in the art of war, so perhaps I can discover one of the skills of the army way I don’t already have. You can also try to find skills in a domain you have some skills in but that is not your profession, Example: I have history from the state way, I can try to find new skills in state way I don’t have yet. do note the chances are slim to find such, it can take month of trying to actually gain a positive result.

The third choice is to try to find new skills in any area. If you think you are very lucky then this may be the option for you because chances of getting new skills are very small, according to Levan it is 5 times harder then finding a skill in your chosen domains.

Each of these options will cost you 5 pounds and naturally that day you can’t work as your action for the day is studying.

The Final option is to take a class, a teacher can help you to increase you skills.

The universities of the kingdoms are limited to two classrooms with a capacity of 5 students each. You will see very often there is no space available in the most popular classes as those spaces will be taken as quickly as they are opened up.

For this reason it is vitally important that you look in the forum of your university, very often the rector will post a weekly schedule so students can prepare each day for what they will study and make time to be around to apply for the space in class as they are posted. It is also important to go there since the rectors ask what students want and he bases the demand for the class schedule of the week upon the input he receives in the forum.

Now that you know what day you want to study and what subject matter you would like to study, on that day you look in university and you see something like resembles the following:

Ichty teaches "French" (45%) for 10,00 pounds - See
Latan teaches "Temperance"for 12,00 pounds - See

Those are the two classes of the day, you click on SEE and there you can view the complete cost (teacher wage, maintenance cost, and if there is an additional county tax charged for the class) as well as the number of free places left. If there is a free place you click on the button to take the class.

When you study with a teacher, you gain more progression on your skills then you do by studying alone. Here are the %'s:

With ingame Lordship between 8% to 12%
Without Lordship between 4% to 6%
The gains for the two study choices are is limited by the requirement of the skills as some skills require that you learn other skills before you will see a percentage gain in the skill at hand. Note: language is not like other skills, but I will explain later in this guide.

First I shall explain the requirements of the skills for each way. These requirements are very important to know if you don’t want to loose a day of study.

Way of state:
The requirement:
- Study of government institutions
- Basis of History

Class of second term:
- Principles of Law, Communication techniques, Trading:
need 100% in government institutions and 75% in basis of history
to pass over 20%

- Tax collection mechanisms
need 100% in government institutions and 75% in basis of history
to pass over 1%

wage of civil servant for the state point:

Only civil servants that have gained the dukes agreement can work for Town Hall. To request it you must make your demand by clicking in “my home” then click on “Your duties and responsibilities”.
It’s up to the mayor to make the job offer for the state points; and you can have the job by applying in Town Hall like any other job offer. For the moment civil servant can only work for 10 or 20 state point.

Way of Science
The requirement :
- Basis of Biology
- Elements of anatomy

Class of second term:
- Basis of Medicine
needs :100% in Elements of anatomy and 75% in Basis of Biology
to pass over 20%

Class of third term :
- Diagnose bronchitis, Diagnose afflict and Diagnose dysentery
Needs : 100% in Basis of Medicine

Class of fourth term :
-Advanced Medicine
Needs :Unavailable info (If someone knows please notify me and I will add this information)

Class of the fifth term :
-peste, cholera et tétanos.
Needs 100% en advance medicine (Requirement are not fully known, when a Science way student reaches this point please contact me for exprimentation to discover this information)

Army way:
The requirement :

-Basic knowledge of the military

Second term class:
-Basic strategy
Need 100% in Basic knowledge of the military to pass it over 5%

-Basic tactic
Need 100% in Basic knowledge of the military to pass it over 20%

Third term class:
-Advanced strategy
Block at 50% needs more info to find requirement

Tactique avancé
Requirement still unknown

Church way (subsequnet to the books reform that is still in testing phase but here I present the French theory):
The requirement:
-Ontology: science of the being
-The Roman Church: organisation and history

The second term
For any virtues to be rise above the 50%
You need Ontology: science of the being at 100%

For any morals to be rise above the 50%
You need The Roman Church: organisation and history at 100%

*Important before the reform of the books done by the admin some received virtues and morals at 100% without therequirement being met but now it is no longer possible.

I will now guide you through the languages in that they differ from the the way that you would study the other skills in both the way that you study and the gains that you can receive.

First the only way known since the reform of the books to study language without a teacher, is that you have a language skill equal to or less than 5% of the requirement % of the language of the book you choose to read (Yohann has stated this and I am seeking confirmation)

The other choice, is taking a language class with a teacher. Language is special, people can teach it without having 100% in that particular skill. It important to note the % of the teacher on this skills because that will determine your gains on that language skill.

Here a short table outlining the way the system works:

For IG Lords and Ladies:

-If the student has a difference of 50% between his % of knowledge and the teachers, the student will gain between 7 to 12%.
-If the difference is between 40 to 50%: Students gain between 6% to 10%.
- between 30 and 40 : 5 to 8
- between 20 and 30 : 4 to 6
- between 10 and 20 : 2 to 5
- less then 10 : 1 to 3
- 0 : 0

If you are not an IG Lord or Lady then divide every gain by two

One other thing to note about language, is the reverse % theory. You can gain a certain % by taking a class with a teacher that has a lower % then you. The gain is not as high as it would be when the teacher's % is higher than yours but you can gain 0% to 3% I have seen this thus far in my experiments, but I will be studying this reverse % theroy in more detail and provide a table of the results later.

5. How to become a teacher?

To be a teacher you need to have the skill of choice in your Declared way (not the language) at 100% to teach that skill and for language you may have posess any percentage of it and still teach.

The best way to teach is to go to the forum of your county university and post your skills in the thread usually entitled "Teachers make yourselves known". You may also mail the rector of the university. The rector then makes a class schedule for the week, if you are chosen for that week , he will ask you to teach and notify you of which day/s he has you scheduled for.

The appointed day/s of your class you need to go to the university, click on the option teach here and choose the skill you want to teach and the button to confirm, then your offer is taken, and is put on the waiting list for the approval of the rector. The rector has to approve it from his office, then your class is posted up and students can start apply to it.

*Note the cost of your lessons will be paid at the moment you click to sign up for the the class not at reset and also the Instructors are able to see who is taking their class in their Events panel.

6. Various things

I have covered the basics necessary for level 3 in this guide. You will discovere there is more to learn of level 3, such as, what you can do with your skills. You can also learn how to become rector, and actually that one is quite easy, the duke nominates the rector, so if you find yourself interested in this posistion then ask your duke. There are numerous other things but since each of the 4 Paths in the game are uniqueI think the rest will be better served being provided to you in their own individual guides. I will make the effort to create those guides later.

I Hope that helped you a great deal and if you have any questions please feel free to ask them of me.

Friendly admin of the forum
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level 3 guide
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