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 Guide - Science way

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PostSubject: Guide - Science way   Tue Feb 20, 2007 12:35 pm

Way of Science
The requirement :
- Basis of Biology
- Elements of anatomy

Class of second term:
- Basis of Medicine
needs :
100% in Elements of anatomy
75% in Basis of Biology
to pass over 20%

Class of third term :
- Diagnose bronchitis, Diagnose afflict and Diagnose dysentery
Needs :
100% in Basis of Medicine

Class of fourth term :

-Advance Medicine
Needs :
Unavailable info (If someone know tell me please)

Class of the fifth term :

-peste, cholera et tétanos.
Needs 100% en advance medicine (Requirement are not full know, went someone reach it need to do test for collecting the info)

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Guide - Science way
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