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 How language gain % work

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PostSubject: How language gain % work   Tue Feb 20, 2007 12:38 pm

About the language, I see a lot of you guys study the language, some seem to not understand how you gain % with language since they are different from other skill. Here how it’s calculate

It’s calculate on the difference % between student and teacher (The reverse difference give only between 0% to 3%, but don't find the set of gain yet)

Now what is the table:
-If the student has a difference of 50% between him and the teacher, the student will get between 7 to 12%.
-If the difference is between 40 to 50%: Student get between 6% to 10%.
- between 30 and 40 : 5 to 8
- between 20 and 30 : 4 to 6
- between 10 and 20 : 2 to 5
- less then 10 : 1 to 3
- 0 : 0

Don’t forget this number is if you are lordship in the game, if you are not divide everything by two.

Also this is info come from other rectors of France, if some info are wrong tell me so…


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How language gain % work
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