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 Police Stations and personel

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PostSubject: Police Stations and personel   Sun Feb 25, 2007 7:15 pm

I know I have brought up this subject before but here we go again.

I would really appreciate that the mayors of the towns of Somerset fiind suiteble candidates as police officers of the thier town.

The job:

The job as police officer consists of monitoring the market for questioneble trades, examining the job market for slavery cases and listning to plans of rebelliions.

Now this may sound like huge overwhelming task but it is not really.
The Lt. of the police force (the guy in charge) can hire as many sargents he would like.

I found a criminal... what now ?

Most of these cases are new players making mistakes. Allthough most of us can agree upon an excuse like : I didnt know ? , is any good.
The fact of the matter is though, that most people never read the manual before the problem is at hand Smile
The police contacts the parties involved with the affair. The offender will be contacted first and is explained what they have done wrong. The officer in charge also suggest a way to settle this dispute and if the offender agrees to this solution NO charges will be pressed.

As I said ... Many of these fellonies are caused by misunderstandings and the lack of proper understanding of the rules.

To help the burden of the Public Prosecutor we need an active police force to monitor our towns.

Crimes on record:

In Chard we have a very effectively police force and when an inciddent is solved to everybodies agreement the case will be made public in the forum.

In this link you can read examples of the officers reports.

This is to prevent second offenders caliming that the didnt know the rules or wasent told about some facts ect ect.

To sum up ...
We need some active citizens to patrol our streets to prevent crime Smile
So please mayors of Somerset write me if you find a candidate for this job
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Police Stations and personel
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