Castle of Bristol

The capital castle
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 Mayor Trisalene's Office

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Localisation : Gloucester, Somerset
Position : Templar, Knight Herald
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PostSubject: Mayor Trisalene's Office   Sat May 31, 2008 2:02 am

Here lies the modestly decorated office of Mayor Trisalene. Several flourishing plants are placed about the room, adding their life and color to the atmosphere. The air is fresh and clean as it streams in through the open window. Several candles appear about the room to light the space upon the coming of night. Parchments are strewn about the desk behind which Mayor Trisalene sits, working quietly.
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Age : 45
Localisation : Gloucester, Somerset
Registration date : 2008-01-01

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PostSubject: Re: Mayor Trisalene's Office   Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:56 pm

Bolt alites on the opened window sill to Mayor Trisalene's office. He huffs and puffs as Silvermane has been working him hard lately especially with this latest and most important mission. Resting a few minutes from his exerting flight from Bristol, which he feels as his own personal best and seeing the burden that he was carrying, Bolt stands upright puffing out his chest with pride. He realizes that he has now almost accomplished his mission and shud be able to return to Silvermane shortly.

Perusing that tiny brain of his, Bolt tries to remember exactly what Silvermane has asked him to do. " and hop onto the desk."

Flying the short distance to the desk, Bolt lands a little awkwardly because of what is tied to his leg. "Now what...peck at...peck at what?
Oh yes...the string...!" Diligently ..Bolt pecks at the string binding what he carried to his leg..."peck and pull....yes...peck and pull...peck amd pulll...."
A few minutes later the string was undone and his leg was free....Bolt flexes his leg and beams proudly at himself.

He looks at what he had brought with a little note wrapped around it and flying back to the window, he rests a few more minutes before with a whir of his wings he heads back to Silvermane.

Sir Richard "Silvermane" Norfolk
Baron of Owlpen

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Mayor Trisalene's Office
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