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 Ilaniol's temperary absence.

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PostSubject: Ilaniol's temperary absence.   Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:53 am

If any citizens of Bw has any issues. I will gladly try to assist you where I can. Rest assured our town is safely handled by our Illy. He has bestowed on me the mentor. Which allows communication to our new residents threw the time between mayors.

Also I have been made bartender of the town tavern the Cross roads. Please if an issue there. I will assist where I can.

As well as Araxie, and myself with a few others. Have been left with grants to keep the town flowing.

I am trying to sit in taverns most the next five days, since I have off from work. Any questions by council's please feel free to pm, mail, or msn me. As I do have a little insight into whats going on.

Although be patient my msn seems to have difficulties this morning. I am in taverns, and checking my mails and pms often. Many towns members have sent me many messages already. I assure you all so far is flowing nicely. Newbies already have recieved their welcome letters.

The only issue is while operating the towns goods out of a grant I can not price with one pence difference. However many towns members have joined me in taverns and we have a plan worked out as well.

I hope all a easy transition, and look forward to hearing from you all in your own ways.


Acting mayor of Bridgewater
Official town mentor.
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Ilaniol's temperary absence.
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