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 PLEASE READ - Applying For An Escort

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ - Applying For An Escort   Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:43 am

Escort Application Procedure

How to apply:

Post the following information into the template below.

Quote :
In-Game Name:
Current Town and County of Residence:
Escort required from______ to ______. (Please add town and county from where you are traveling from as well as the town and county you are traveling to.)
Any criminal record in the last 6 months? y/n
Closest Somerset Town to your current position? Only required if you are not currently in Somerset

The Next Step:

Once this information has been supplied, the nearest SAS town Lieutenant will make a copy of your application and move it to their relevant application office, where you will be required to answer a few more questions (eg: Goods being transported, additional non SAS members travelling with, trade mission between counties, etc). They will do this to assess how many SAS members shall be escorting you and for how long.


Be aware that a request for an escort does not guarantee that one will be provided.

All possible efforts will be attempted to provide for escorts, keeping in mind the current resources and soldiers available for such a request, under the discretion of the SAS Command and Lieutenants in charge of the escort roster.

All applicants will be checked for criminal records and will be prosecuted under the rights and law of the county involved, if such an indictment is provided from the county in question and that it follows the legal procedures outlined from the respective judicial treaties.

Signed on:
2nd November 1457

Authorized by:
Revan Denizen York, Duchess and First Officer of Somerset

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PLEASE READ - Applying For An Escort
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