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 New Milanese Ambassador

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PostSubject: New Milanese Ambassador   Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:00 am

It had been a long journey to Cherbourg and then crossing the Channel on a small boat in a choppy sea… But the countryside was beautiful in its autumn colors and the last part of the travel was very pleasant. Finally Federico had come to Bristol.
He was proud of being chosen as an ambassador for that country. Since he was a child he had admired the English archers and he had wished to emulate their deeds, now stood in their homeland.

At the doors of the castle, he said to the guards:

Please sir, announce to the chancellor the arrival of Federico Vitaliani Borromeo, ambassador of the Duchy of Milan.
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PostSubject: Re: New Milanese Ambassador   Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:16 am

Receiving a message from the guards that a new Ambassador has arrived at the doors, Patan hurries to meet him.

Reaching the entrance hall, she curtsies deeply to the new arrival.

"Greetings, my Lord. Benvenuto a Somerset. I am Patan, the Secretary to the Embassy, and we are happy to welcome you here to our Embassy. I do hope your journey was not too tedious - I believe that the Channel can be rather uncomfortable to sail upon in the Autumn."

Patan ushers the Ambassador forward. "Please, do come in and take a seat in the hall. Make yourself comfortable and I shall advise our Chancellor, Lord Richard "Silvermane" Norfolk, that you are here. The Castle servants will be happy to provide you with anything that you require - you need only ask."

Patan smiles at the gentleman and calls forward one of the servants, giving instructions that the Ambassador is made at home while he waits. Dropping a quick curtsy to the Milanese gentleman, Patan hurries away to inform the Chancellor of the new arrival.

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New Milanese Ambassador
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