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 Working with Somerset Citizens

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PostSubject: Working with Somerset Citizens   Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:26 pm

Ok, this is where I hope to discuss ways to get more of the citizenship to participate and give ideas/opinions to the council.

So far I'm thinking of a thread in the Somerset Inn where people can suggest new ideas and so forth, and then the spokesman can collect those ideas, or refine them and propose them to council in the private chambers as necessary.

Now I see a few concerns to start with:
1. Obviously only a small percent of people visit the forums, even less at the capital of Bristol (thus why I suggest Somerset Inn). It would be better to find a way to collect ideas in game, but that could be quite difficult, we'd probably need members actively seeking input from each town's taverns and then posting them in the forum, we'd need *message collectors* or something of that sort.

2. The spokesman will need to read these suggestions and try to react objectively in there proposition to council (as in not refusing them due to personal beliefs) and this is always a challenge due to human nature, there should probably be 2 people working at this to help ensure impartiality.

3... (I'm sure theres more but I'm tired now and I'll leave it open for more discussion, please feel free to add and continue this discussion)
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Working with Somerset Citizens
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