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 The Chamcellor of Worcester requests admittance

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Maitane Mortimer-Fraser

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PostSubject: The Chamcellor of Worcester requests admittance   Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:51 am

The Chancellor of Worcester, Maitane arrives at the castle to present her credentials and requests admission.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chamcellor of Worcester requests admittance   Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:34 am

Patan is just tidying her papers to make sure she has completed her allotted tasks for the day. Sliding them safely into the drawer of her desk, she rises and picks up her cloak and lies it over her arm, intending to don it before venturing out into the chill of the evening air.

Blowing out the lights, she closes the door behind her and walks along the corridors towards the entrance, alert to the various sounds of the castle as she moves. Drawing closer to the main doors, she is in time to observe a new arrival to the Somerset Embassy.

On reaching the entrance hall, she curtsies gracefully. "Greetings, my Lady Maitane. I am Patan, the Secretary to the Ambassadors. We are very pleased to welcome one of our nearest neighbours here to our Embassy."

Patan ushers the Ambassador away from the draught of the doors. "Do please come and make yourself comfortable here by the fire. If you would care to take a seat for a short while, I shall advise our Chancellor, Lord Richard "Silvermane" Norfolk, of your arrival. I believe that he is in conference just at present but I am sure he shall attend you as soon as he has finished. But whilst you wait, the Castle servants will be happy to provide you with anything that you require - please ask if there is anything you would like."

Patan smiles at the lady and beckons one of the servants forward to give instructions for the Ambassador to made at home while she waits. Dropping a quick curtsy to the Lady Maitane, Patan hurries back into the depths of the castle to ensure that the Chancellor is informed of the Ambassador's arrival without delay.

Patan Seymour
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PostSubject: Re: The Chamcellor of Worcester requests admittance   Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:26 am

Silvermane has just come back from a brief meeting in Worcester via roundabout trip through Wiltshire and Cornwall. Having arrived he is informed by Lady Patan that Lady Maitane has been waiting for him.

Rushing quickly to greet her, he picks up the keys to her offices and smiles as he arrives before her.

Bowing and quickly kissing her hand, his smile graven on his face, he addresses her. "Welcome to Somerset your excellency. I hope that all is well with you? I must apologize for my tardiness as these times have been a drain on my time with meetings both public and private across the lands.
I am glad that the embassy has a good stable of horses or they would be quite worn out by now."

Reaching within the folds of his robes, he pulls out the keys to Lady Maitane's offices. Here you are Lady Maitane ... these are the Worcester Embassy Office keys . The offices are of a private nature as only those permitted to enter your offices are capable of doing so and those replacing you.

His hand extends itself as he hands her the key ...

The servant shall guide you to your office. Please make yourself at home and let Lady Patan know if and when you have need of anythong else.

Sir Richard "Silvermane" Norfolk
Baron of Owlpen

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PostSubject: Re: The Chamcellor of Worcester requests admittance   

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The Chamcellor of Worcester requests admittance
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