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 Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.

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Age : 29
Localisation : Argentan (Alençon)
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PostSubject: Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.   Thu May 27, 2010 2:20 pm

wo Weeks ago, she has left her country, in order to arrive at the Castel of Britol for the Embassy.

She lets her horse outside the Castel and knocks at the gates.

Hello, I'm Sofia_Ange of Castelviray, I'm the Ambassadrice of Alençon.
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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.   Thu May 27, 2010 5:01 pm

Welcome to Bath hope your journey was as pleasant as possible and your stay in our fair city is enjoyable
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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.   Thu May 27, 2010 5:14 pm

Arriving for work at the Castle early in the morning, Patan notices a new ambassadorial arrival and walks forward.

She smiles at one of her fellow SAS soldiers and then, seeing a lady waiting with him, she curtsies gracefully. "Greetings, my lady Sofia_Ange. I am Patan, Chamberlain to the Somerset Embassy. Please, come and join me in one of these seats over to the side of the hall, where we can be comfortable for a little while."

Patan leads the way to the seating and continues, "We are very pleased to welcome you here to Somerset. If you would be so kind as to show me your credentials, I shall be happy to inform our Chancellor, Lord Richard Norfolk - known as Silvermane - that you are here."

Patan smiles softly and awaits the lady's reply.

Patan Seymour
Princess Royal | Marchioness of Berkshire | Countess of Minehead | Lady of Calcot Manor | Gloucester's last-ever Mayor

Gloucester Storm Gryphons Squadron
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Age : 29
Localisation : Argentan (Alençon)
Registration date : 2010-05-27

PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.   Fri May 28, 2010 7:02 am

beers wrote:
Welcome to Bath hope your journey was as pleasant as possible and your stay in our fair city is enjoyable

In the espoire of bath? Would it be the message to say that I would loosen(kick away) a strong smell?

She smiled because she liked teasing races for disiper his(her,its) gene in front of strangers.

The journey was very long and very solitary in the truth dir Master and as for yours city... I arrive there hardly today and thus I would not know how to say to you still.

She sent him(her) an attractive smile and answered then the Lady who had joined them. flower

I am very enchanted beautiful Lady and thank you for everything. I have regrettably no document on me of this kind(genre) but I can verify if I have something for you in my business(affairs) of journeys. I want that you inform him(it) about my presence in the Castle yes if it is important.

And the young lady Sofia_Ange followed her hostess with pleasure to go to sit down and to discuss one can of thing(matter) and the others to get acquainted.
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Age : 45
Localisation : Gloucester, Somerset
Registration date : 2008-01-01

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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.   Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:04 am

Silvermane finally arrives from his hurried trips throughout the lands ... embassy after embassy with the war raging in the north of England.

Enfin, Silvermane arrive apres maint voyages a travers le payee d'une ambassade a l'autre discutant la guerre feroces qui se deroule au nord de l'Angleterre.

Without rest, Richard Norfolk enters the castle noticing one of the soldiers addressing the the young lady who was subsequently greeted warmly by Lady Patan, the Chamberlain of the Somerset Embassy.

Sans se reposer, Richard Norfolk dit "Silvermane" (criniere d'argent) prends en note un jeune soldat denommee Beers s'addresser a la jeune demoiselle qui etait subsequement accueilli chaleureusement par Dame Patan, la Chamberlaine de l'ambassade de Somerset.

Silvermane approaches and bows to those present. Turning to Beers, he smiles and says, "Young man thank you for welcoming this pretty lady ... however although you are from the Bath detachment this is not the town of Bath but Bristol Castle in the town of Bristol the capital of Somerset. This castle is where all the soldiers from all the towns come to train."

Silvermane s'approche et s'inclin devant tous present. En faisant face aux nouveau soldat Beers, il lui dit "Jeune homme merci de prendre le temps de t'addresser a la jolie demoiselle ... mais malgre que tu es un soldat de la ville de Bath ceci n'est pas Bath mais le chateau de Bristol en ville de Bristol, la capitale de Somerset. C'est ici ou tous les soldats viennent pour s'entrainer de tous les villes de notre comte."

Turning to face the ladies, Richard smiles and addresses Baroness Patan, "Thank you very much m'lady for greeting the ambassadress of Alencon and making her feel at home."

En se tournant ver les deux dames, Richard sourit et addresse la parole a la Baronne de Circencester, Dame Patan, " Merci beacoup d'avoir accueilli l'ambasadresse d'Alencon en lui faisant se sentir chez elle."

Smiling at the young lady Silvermane speaks "So, your excellency, Lady Sofia-Ange de Castelviray, ambassadress of Alencon, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Richard Norfolk, Baron of Owlpen, chancellor of Somerset also advisor to the Royal Embassy of England in London. I would sincerely like to apologize to you for not being here sooner as the war to the north leaves little time to stop at our own embassy.

It is a sincere pleasure to welcome you here. I hope that your travels were pleasant and without incident? Welcome to the embassy of Somerset county."

En souriant a la jeune dame, Silvermane lui parle "Alors votre excellence, dame Sofia-Ange de Castelviray, l'ambassadresse d'Alencon, permettez moi de m'introduire. Je suis seigneur Richard Norfolk, Baron d'Owlpen. chancellier de comte de Somerset et conseiller aupres de l'Ambassade Royale d'Angleterre a Londre. J'aimerais m'excuser de ne pas etre ici plutot car la guerre au nord de notre payee me laisse peu de temps meme d'arreter ici dans ma propre ambassade.

Ca me fait grand plaisir de vous recevoir. J'espere que votre voyage etait agreeable et sans incident? Bienvenue a l'ambassade de la comte de Somerset !"

"As soon as you present you documents authorizing your representation of the county of Alencon, signed and sealed by either your duke Aldebbarant or your chancellor, I shall give you the keys to the Alencon Embassy where we may relax and discuss in private."

"Aussitot que vous nous presenter vos documents qui vous authorise de representer le comte d'Alencon signee par votre duc Aldebbarant ou votre chancellier dument sceller par la sceau d'etat, je pourrait vous donner les clefs de l'ambassade d'Alencon ou nous pourrions nous detendre et discuter en privee."

Silvermane smiles softly, a twinkle in his eye, as he awaits the pretty lady's reply.

Silvermane sourit doucement, ses yeux petillants, et attends la reponse de la belle dame.

Sir Richard "Silvermane" Norfolk
Baron of Owlpen

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Age : 29
Localisation : Argentan (Alençon)
Registration date : 2010-05-27

PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.   Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:18 am

Sofia_Ange discutait avec un soldat qui timide n'avait osé lui répondre face à ses taquineries et une Dame qui lui demandait un document attestant bien qui elle représentait de son Ambassade d'Alençon, elle avait bien sur elle ce document qu'elle cherchait dans son bagage, comme elle le trouva... Un second homme qui lui avait des allures de noblesses et qui semblait être d'une grande prestance, il remercia le soldat et la Dame pour l'accueil fait vis-à-vis de la nouvelle arrivante et s'adressa à elle ensuite.

Sofia_Ange discussed with a soldier who shy had not dared to answer him(her) in front of his(her) teasings and a Lady who asked him(her) for a document giving evidence well which(who) she represented of her Embassy of Alençon, she indeed had on her this document for which she looked in her luggage, as she found him(it)... A second man who had him(her) speeds(looks) of nobilities and who seemed to be of a big imposing presence, he thanked the soldier and the Lady for the welcome(reception) makes towards the newcomer and addressed her then.

Il s'était incliné pour faire un salut, la belle de Castelviray en fit tout autant par signe de respect et le saluant en retour comme la politesse l'exige et complétant les présentations.

He(It) had bowed(been defeated) to greet, the beautiful of Castelviray made it just as much by sign of respect and greeting him(it) in return as the politeness requires(demands) him(it) and completing the presentations(displays).

Je suis bien enchantée vôtre seigneurie, vous êtes tout excusé, je comprends bien ce qui vous a retenu, cela me désole que vous soyez au-pris avec une guerre dans vôtre pays, si je pouvais faire quelque chose... N'hésitez pas à me demander... Il me fait grand plaisir également d'être passé vous rencontrer ici même. Mon voyage fut bien chahuté de par l'état des routes mais ma personne va très bien. J'espère vous avoir rassuré si vous, vous inquiétiez tan pour ma personne.

I am enchanted well yours seigneury, you are quite excused, I indeed understand what held(retained) to you, it saddens me that you are in the taken with a war in yours country, if I could make something... Do not hesitate to ask me... He(it) makes me big pleasure also to be crossed(spent) to meet you here even. My journey was played up well due to the state of roads but my person goes very well. I hope to have reassured you if you, you worried tan about my person.

Elle lui adressa un magnifique sourire et lui tendit de sa main délicatement gantée de dentelle, son document comme désiré.

She(It) sent him(her) a magnificent smile and held out to him(her) of the hand delicately gloved of lace, her(its) document as wished.

Le lieu de détente dont vous me faites promesse de la détention des clefs me faire rêver car j'ai vraiment besoin de m'y reposer allègrement au confort après se long voyage et y avoir une conversation en toute intimité et en privé... M'y fera sentir plus cher moi...

The place of relaxation about which you make me promise of the detention of keys me make dream because I really need to rest(base) gaily in the comfort later long journey there and to have a conversation in any intimacy and there in private... Will make me it smell more expensively I...

Quote :

A tous ceux qui liront cette lettre de marque, salut et paix!

Nous, Nabel de Volvent, en notre qualité de Chancelière d'Alençon, et après discussion et délibération, déclarons ici et attestons que Son
Excellence Sofia Ange de Castelviray, a été désigné par nos soins en
tant que consul auprès du grand Royaume d'Angleterre. Nous lui confions ainsi publiquement la charge de représenter d'Alençon et ses intérêts en toute occasion.

Portons ce fait à la connaissance de tous que lui soit conféré tout le respect et la dignité liés à sa charge, et que nul ne s'avise de la contester ou de lui porter injure ou atteinte dans l'exercice de ses fonctions.

Fait le 2 mai 1458 en la Chancellerie d'Alençon.

Nabel de Volvent.

In all those who will read this leading letter, safety(salute) and peace!

Us, Nabel de Volvent, in our quality of Chancellor of Alençon, and after discussion and deliberation, declare here and give evidence that Sound
Excellence Sofia Ange de Castelviray, was indicated(appointed) by our care
As long as consul with the big Kingdom of England. We confide(entrust) him(her) so publicly the load(responsibility) to represent of Alençon and its interests in any opportunity(occasion).

Let us carry(wear) this fact in the knowledge of all that is conferred on him(her) all the respect and the dignity bound(connected) at his expense, and that nobody dares to dispute it or to carry(wear) him(her) insult or infringement(achievement) in exercising his/her duties.

Made on May 2nd, 1458 in the Chancellery of Alençon.

Nabel of Volvent.

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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.   

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Arrival of the Ambassadress of Alençon.
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