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 Ambassador for Cornwall

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Registration date : 2010-06-19

PostSubject: Ambassador for Cornwall   Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:48 am

Having recently been released from Prince Ashbrook's personal guard, Robert ConDoin, the newly appointed Ambassador to Somerset approached the gates of the Capital.

Approaching the SAS guard at the gate, he issued his writ of appointment and seal from the Cornish Embassy. "Greetings, I am Robert ConDoin from the embassy of Cornwall. I am here to meet with the Chancellor."
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PostSubject: Re: Ambassador for Cornwall   Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:14 am

My sincerest apologies m'lord Condoin for the delay in having you greeted. With all that is going on in our lands these days and my constant trips to the continent and back there does not seem to be enough time in the weeks that fly by. My ship just arrived from France late last night.

But that is neither here nor there.

Welcome to Somerset your excellency. Please send our warmest regards to the your Duke/duchess, the Council of Cornwall and the people of our neighbouring county from our Duke Barnaby, myself and our council.

I shall hand you the keys to your embassy shortly. Please present your credentials authorizing you to represent Cornwall.

Silvermane awaits Lord Condoins reply.

Sir Richard "Silvermane" Norfolk
Baron of Owlpen

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Ambassador for Cornwall
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