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 Invitation To Our Friends and Neghbours

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PostSubject: Invitation To Our Friends and Neghbours    Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:32 pm

To all the Good People of Somerset

Cornwall would like to Invite you to take Part in Our County Wide Festival ...


Aandra wrote:
Cornwall County Festival ... Will commence with "The De peche manor ball"
In Cornwall Inn, on 31st August ...

All Council Members are Invited to Attend ...

Mistyblue wrote:

[rp]Dear Aandra,

What good news about the festival it will be a honour to start of the festival with our ball and im glad you will be attending, please see fit to ask other council members to come along to the ball.

Mistyblue De peche[/rp]

After this Event, the Festival will take to the Streets first in Barnstaple,
with street stalls, Jugglers and Gypsy wagons, street performers, trade ...

Please Invite our Southern County friends ....
The street Party will then at its own Pace, as the dancing and drinking in the streets allows Move on to the next town Exeter, where its Citizens are encouraged to open their own stalls and events ... Note: this is not a competition , it is for fun, to bring back some life to it's citizens overburdened by war debt and population issues ....

the festival is designed to move on thru each town ... Mayors and People of Cornwall Step up, Party time for Cornwall .....

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Invitation To Our Friends and Neghbours
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