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 Ambassador Of the Duchy Of Orleans

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PostSubject: Ambassador Of the Duchy Of Orleans   Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:57 am

Looks left, then right and wonders if she is at the right area of the Castle. Looks at the sign it says The Doors of Bristol. Tells herself: This is the good zone

Excellency, I am here today to present myself Aurore87 as the new Ambassador of the Duchy of Orleans. Hope to present my credentials to the court of Somerset and to work with one of the most beautiful Duchy in the world. These are my credentials:

Quote :

A tous ceux qui ce présent édit verront, moi, Liloute, Chambellan d'Orléans, sous la direction d‘Aurae, dix-huitième Duc d'Orléans,

A tous présents et à venir, faisons savoir, que pour asseoir les relations de notre Duché, avons, par édit statué et arrêté, la chose qui s'ensuit :

Après avoir prêté serment de fidélité au Duché, la personne ci-nommée est officiellement ambassadeur novice :

- Son excellence Aurore dict Aurore87, en Somerset.

Qu'aucun ne puisse enfreindre la page de notre concession, ou aller à son encontre par une audace téméraire. Si cependant quelqu'un osait le tenter, qu'il sache qu'il encourra l'indignation du Dieu tout-puissant et des bienheureux Aristote et Christos.

Que ce soit ferme chose et stable jusqu'à révocation de ce présent édit.

Liloute, Chambellan d'Orléans a proposé,

Aurae, dix-huitième Duc d'Orléans, a ratifié,

Liloute, Chambellan d'Orléans, a écrit.

Daté en l'enceinte du Château Ducal d'Orléans, ce vingt huitième jour du mois de Mai de l’an MCDLIX

Qu'il en soit ainsi, heureusement.

Thank you, Your Excellency for taking the time of receiving me.

Looks around and waits patiently for someone to receive her
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PostSubject: Re: Ambassador Of the Duchy Of Orleans   Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:21 pm

Wandering around the almost deserted Castle, Patan is suddenly met by a guard, telling her urgently of a visitor needing attention.

Quickly, she hurries to the doors and approaches the Ambassador with a smile.
"Greetings, Your Excellency. My sincere apologies for keeping you waiting.

Patan takes a steadying breath before continuing, "However, I regret to have to tell you that the county of Somerset no longer exists. Some three months ago, our beautiful and beloved county was merged with the counties of Cornwall and Wiltshire. Together, we are now the county of Devon.

"I was the Chancellor of Somerset and am now one of three co-Chancellors of Devon. Our Embassy has been relocated and is now to be found within the County of Devon. Here is a map..."

(forum 2, the County of Devon, Devon Embassy -

"If you would care to confirm to me your (IG) name, I shall ensure that the guards are aware of your arrival there. You can then make the short journey and we will be able to welcome you more properly."

Patan awaits the Ambassador's reply so that she can arrange for the necessary admittance to be given.

Patan Seymour
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Registration date : 2011-05-31

PostSubject: Re: Ambassador Of the Duchy Of Orleans   Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:21 am

It's no worries my Chambellan has relocated my Journey to the County of Mercia for the time being

Thank you for telling me the information I will keep this in mind

Looks at her Excellency and leaves the door of Bristol to her new locations
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PostSubject: Re: Ambassador Of the Duchy Of Orleans   

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Ambassador Of the Duchy Of Orleans
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