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 Copy of Indictment of the Sussex Citizen Leocidas

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PostSubject: Copy of Indictment of the Sussex Citizen Leocidas   Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:58 am

Your Grace the indictment for the Citizen of Sussex, Leocidas has been prepared and dispatched to the Sussex Co Prosecutor. I leave you a copy here as both the Plaintiff and the Duke of Somerset.

On 11 March 1455, The Sussex County citizen Leocidas did willfully make the following statement ( ) via a letter placed on the castle gate
Quote :

Mark my words, months ago, the New Year's Revolution was fought in the County of Somerset, in the Town of Bristol did the Republicans, also known as the Optimates, storm the Castle. Marked in defeat, the Revolution ended in failure. Its leader sought refuge, so that he may return one day to right the wrongs of the corrupt Duke Hypno and his government. Upon his flight to Worcester, Marcus Lavinius, simply known to many as Lavinius, died. Now, months later, the message returns! Hear me, hear me, citizens of my most beloved Somerset, feel not truthfully the words of Hypno and his collegues, join the Optimates, for a better future, a future without his corruption! The date of revolution is unknown, but our message is clear, our numbers are rebuilding, and the son of the latter comes to continue the crusade for a better England! Hear not the propaganda and lies of the Somerset Duchy, fight for righteousness, freedom, and justice! To join the Optimates Movement, you must first be tested as to where our headquarters is, and how to thus contact one of the members of the group. Upon good notice, the platform shall be performed, along with the demands of reformation. When the time of reckoning begins, as is customary in family tradition, first a protest shall be staged for Hypno's resignation.
Thank you,
Leocidas Lavinius of Hastings"

This action did in fact violate the following articles of the Somerset Legal Corpus

Article 2 – Attack on the rights of the people.

Art. 2.2.1. : An act of defamation is defined as any form of written or verbal communication that attacks the personal or professional honour of any citizen of the Duchy.
The act of defamation is a light crime and the sentence shall be a public apology with a fine of 1 pound to 200 pounds, depending on the consequences of the defamation on the victim. In case the act of defamation is directed towards a noble, civil servant or military officer, or is a repeat offense, the sentence shall be jail time.

Leocidas did commit the act of defamation which is defined by law as "Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person's reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person."

The accused did specifically name Duke Hypno by name and his council was referred to generally by the term "his government". He did Call the aforementioned Duke and his council "Corrupt". He referred to "the lies of the Somerset Duchy", and in additional statements to the original letter did accuse the same of "
selfish acts of ambition in order to retain and expand their power".

The accused made these allegations with no proof whatsoever of any wrongdoing as such.

Ergo the Accused, Leocidas didn in fact convey a defamatory message; This statement was made in clear view of any and all parties who read the letter in the very public area of the Castle gate, and the Defamed parties, the Duke and his council, could be identified as the persons referred to in the defamatory material; and it is clear that any reasonable person could in fact be influenced by these malicious false statements and desire to withdraw their support and or end their association with the defamed parties listed therein.

It is also a fact that the Duke himself as well as certain members of his council are in fact of Noble birth and that makes this crime decidely more aggregious.

Therefore the People of Somerset ask that your Honor find the Defendent Leocidas guilty of the charge of defamation and

As such it is required under the laws of Somerset that the Accused be sentenced to Jail time for this aggressive act and crime of defamation against those both Noble and or a civil servant of the people of Somerset.

The people of Somerset call for no less than 3 days jail time for this action as this is the sentence for light crimes under Somerset law.

See: Art 2.1.2. : The various sentences of Somerset Duchy are :
i. Public apology in the appropriate Town hall or the Duchy hall.
ii. Fine
iii. Jail time; for a light sentence, jail time is less than or equal to 3 days.
iv. Jail time; for a heavy sentence, jail time is greater than or equal to 3 days.
v. Exile
vi. Capital sentence by hanging, decapitation, burning. Nobles cannot be hanged.

In addition to the above crime The people of Somerset move that the Accused be also charged with and tried for . Art. 2.4.1. : An act of public disorder is defined as any action that perturb the public order and the peace of the Duchy. Any violation of municipal or Duchy decrees can cause prosecution under public disorder. Public disorder is a light to moderate crime. The sentence associated to this crime is set in Article 2.1.3.

Leocidas did knowingly and willfully call for recruitment to revolt in the very public area of the castle gate which is evidence of his intnet to disturb the peace of the Duchy and to create chaos and bring harm to the people of Somerset.

As such the people ask that your Honor find the Accused guilty of the crime of Public Disorder on this charge and that he be given the appropriate sentence for same under the Laws of the County of Somerset which is up to and including 3 days jail time.

The people of Somerset wish to call 2 witnesses to the crimes committed herein

Duke Hypno and Sajanzv.

The people of Somerset would also implore the court to have these two sentences be served CONSECUTIVELY for a maximum of 6 days jail time the Accused has shown no remorse for his statements and has in fact threatened your own fine county with retribution instead for following the directives of our Judicial treaty.

The accused Leocidas is quoted as saying : :"

Quote :
Punish me and hand me to them, if you will, but know this: Condemning me shall not stop the Order of the Optimates, and no aggression or betrayal against me shall be taken so lightly. "

" meant in no way to do so, you mistaken me. I only seek the announcement and knowledge to the people, a warning of what will come if you bow to Somerset.

The People of Somerset thank you for hearing these matters under the directives of our Judicial Treaty.

Public Prosecutor of Somerset
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Copy of Indictment of the Sussex Citizen Leocidas
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