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 What each position do in council

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PostSubject: What each position do in council   Sat May 26, 2007 11:31 pm

1. Duke (all Domain):

The Duke rules the Duchy. He appoints and revokes ministers that act in his name. He controls the rectification of the laws and he is the only one able to give high justice.
Add to that he do moderation in council room, appoint position, keep good relation with other counts of England and the regency, the church.

2. Sheriff (economical domain):

The Sheriff manages the breeding of livestock, is in overall charge of administration of the mines, and in charge of issuing money grants from the County funds. The Sheriff can also allocate funds to the Sergeant for purposes of the Army and Constabulary forces of the Duchy.

3. The Mines Superintendent (Economical domain)

The Mines Superintendent manages the maintenance of the mines of the Duchy.
Since in force maintenance by the duke, we takes no risk, only job need to be done, is to paste miner number in a report, and try to find idea other then raise wage mine to increase number of miners.

4. Trade Minister (economical domain)

The Trade minister is in charge of overall trade in the Duchy. He controls the County fair and the productions of the County.

In other words, lot of negotiation for trade with town of Somerset and other county. Need to keep report of the inventory, and make nice economical report if time for it.

5. The sergeant (economical and military domain)

The sergeant is the manager of the armed forces. He can buy and sell weapons, can also issue grants (useful for the armies). It is the Sergeant who allocates money to Constable. He can allocate or take back the money allocated to the Constable instantaneously. He is also always aware of the balance of the Constable’s funds.

6. The Constable (military, judicial)

The Constable organizes the defence of the towns by recruiting marshals.
The recruitment of the "marshals chiefs" is made in a confidential way, directly with the person concerned. The Constable determines the number and the stats needs for the to-be-hired marshals The Constable determines the amount of the wages, and pays them. This payment will be made only once, at any time that the Constable chooses.

Also in charge of police officer.

7. The Captain (Military):

The Captain leads the Duchy army. (lot of Role-play in SAS, charge of promotion of officer. Ect ect)

8. The Public Prosecutor (judicial)

The Public Prosecutor files cases and manages the prosecution of cases in the County Court.

9. The Judge (judicial)

The Judge administers justice in conformity to the laws of the Duchy.

10. The Spokesperson (general)

The Spokesperson transmits the decision of the Duke and the Council to the people and mayors. Makes good looking report of the week.

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What each position do in council
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