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 Sergeant guide

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PostSubject: Sergeant guide   Sat Feb 17, 2007 11:23 am

created by Jellysnail


The job of a Sergeant is to supply the army with weapons and provide the necessary amount of money to the constable. The sergeant is also (according to SAS structure) is part of the SAS council. He/she takes part in important decisions and can help sort out the army.

Here are all the option he/she has -

I) The Barracks

The only option here is 'Recruitment'
click on 'Recruitment' and you will see..

Here you will see the money allocated to you by the sheriff.
Using the transfer option at the bottom you can send money to the constable (this is the only way he/she can get money). Use this when the constable needs money to pay for marshals.

II) Your office

Go to duchy>castle>county fair>your office
once you have done this you will be able to see..

Here you can see how much money you have and the options you can choose

- Buy for the county

This option will enable you to switch from your personal money to the money the sergeant has in his coffer. Be sure to be careful with this, you don’t want to go to jail do you? Very Happy you can also switch back using this option.

- Inventory of the goods

Here you will see what weapons the county has. Currently the only things the sergeant can store in there is swords, sheilds and shafts (bummer!) In here is where you select which items you want to put into a grant.

- Buying and selling orders

Pretty simple to understand, this shows you what you are purchasing or selling on the county fair. (Note: only on the county fair)

- Gestion des mandats also known as Management of the grants

This option is in all French, so if you don't understand French it's all guessing for you Laughing. In this option you will be able to see the current grants being sent out or someone is holding. Also down the bottom is where you create the grant.

Here is a English version of all the words it says in French (in the create a grant option)-
Note mandate = grant

Management of the grant

No grant in course, for the moment.

Arrived grant to term:

No grant to attribute.

Create a new grant

That’s basically it, you will also have off jobs appointed to you by the duke (maybe). See something wrong pm me! Or post.

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Sergeant guide
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