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 Judge Guide

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PostSubject: Judge Guide   Sat Feb 17, 2007 11:26 am

Created by Sajanzv

For the future judges, a walkthrough for your office :

The office of the Judge is at the law court in the Duchy. As soon as you enter the law court, you will see this page

That "IMPORTANT - The judge's bill:" link will lead you to which is the basic guidelines set for Judges by the King himself.

How to give sentences:
This is the basic interface you will have. You encounter this once you enter a case filing. You also have the option to wait for the final defence plea beyond the alloted 2 days (there is an option to proceed with the case after the 2 days for the last defence plea is over)

Once you are ready to deliver a verdict, you proceed to this section of the case:

There are four options, all of which you can apply if needed in a single sentence. The maximum prison time applicable is 10 days.

You can enter your choice of punishment, then post your case verdict in the text box provided. When you click the Save button, the case is closed with your verdict delivered.

To dismiss a case, do not click or choose any of the punishment options. Simple write up your case verdict in the text box and Save.

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PostSubject: Re: Judge Guide   Sat Mar 03, 2007 5:52 am

and out of curiosity, how do u go on to become a judge? Question
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Judge Guide
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